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DA-FACTs  stands for Drugs, Alcohol – Families, Adults, Children and Teens.

DA-FACTs is a specialist, confidential, one to one counselling / mentoring, brief interventions, information and support service for children and young people aged 11 to 25 and the families of those affected by substance misuse.

DA-FACTs is a community based substance misuse service providing a Step two:  (Mild to moderate substance misuse) structured talking therapies, comprehensive assessment, care-plan, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, along with counselling / mentoring, structured family work, education and harm reduction.

This service is for any young person aged 11 to 25 who are having substance misuse difficulties and family members to help with drug and alcohol issues.

Our objective is to reduce physical, emotional and social harm caused by the misuse of substance. Provide support to young people and families affected by substance misuse.  

 This is a free to access service funded by the Public Health Agency.


We provide the following:

Counselling:  1 to 1. Counselling can provide a safe and confidential space. We will offer you the opportunity to talk and think about yourself, and your concerns in a way that you may not have felt able to do with friends and family.

Mentoring:  provides a safe environment where you can share and explore concerns, gain support raise awareness regarding drug alcohol and other issues with someone who can guide and inform you.  

Groups: will look at exploring behaviors, self esteem, drug, alcohol and other behaviours, consequences of behaviors and motivational support.

Family support:  Our aim is to strengthen families, increase resources, encourage positive and supportive roles and provide practical information regarding what substances are out there, how and why these are misused.

Areas we cover:   Armagh, Banbridge, Craigavon, Dungannon, Newry & Mourne

If you would like more information or for staff to attend a team / staff meeting, please contact project coordinator.

The Team:

Niall Heron                                   Elaine Kennedy                                        Stephanie McKernan

Coordinator                                   Support Worker                                        Support worker

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