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Some people are able to use recreational or prescription drugs without experiencing negative consequences or addiction. For others though, substance and drug misuse can cause problems at work, home, school, and in relationships, leaving you feeling alone, helpless, or ashamed.

If you’re worried about your own drug use or that of a friend or family member, it’s important to know that help is available. Calling Dunlewey Addiction Servce is a very good first step.  You will get through to a highly trained and qualified member of staff, who will firstly listen, and then advise you in whatever area you need advice or guidance. Further phone sessions are available, and then face to face support can be arranged for those that need and want it.

Drug addiction or other substance misuse is a complex disorder,  characterised by compulsive drug use. While each drug produces different effects physically, all misused substances share one thing in common: repeated use will alter the way the brain looks and functions.

How drug misuse can develop;

Drug use normally starts with experimentation because it makes the person feel good, or their friends are doing it, or it may be cheaper than getting drunk.  Very few addicts even realise they have crossed the recreational line and are now addicted. It has a way of sneaking up on people, and an amazing ability to take hold of a person.

Overcoming drug addiction is possible and although at times it may seem a long and painful road, many people do recover and go on to lead meaningful and enjoyable lives.   One thing to focus on is no matter how hard it is, you will feel better when you beat it!

Dunlewey Addiction Service  has been down this road many many times with a lot of people.  People at various stages of their life and addiction.  Let us help you on the road to recovery, let us help you find strength, courage, determination and value in your life again.  Tel: 02890 392547.

For help with problem gambling, ring our free, confidential helpline, support is available North and South of Ireland

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